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Beta Android O – Features and Release Date of Android 8.0

Now-a-days Android is the most popular OS for mobile device. It already has a lot of features and the comfortable user experience. Now the Android is coming up with more surprising update. Yes, we are talking about the upcoming Android 8.0 which is named as Android O. Two developer previews of this new version have already been released before. Now the Google release the Beta Android O as third developer preview. Now the users having a compatible Nexus or Pixel mobile phone will be able to use the beta Android O.

The new Android version is much more streamlined and smooth and is expected to boot up and run apps at much greater speeds. It also introduces some feature that will improve security, battery life, user-interface and performance. We have discussed all these features in detail below.

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What is Name of Android 8.0?

If we have a look on the names of previous Android versions, Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat, they all are the names of sweet treats with their first letter in alphabetical order starting from C. The upcoming version is also expected to have a name of sweet. Officially, it has been called Android O.

There are not much sweet treat names starting with O, therefore, it is expected to be Oreo, Orange or Oatcake. Most probably, it will be Android Oreo, but officially its full name is not announced. It’s just called Android O till now.

When will Android O Release?

The exact release date of Android O has not been announced by Google yet. It was only said that it will be launched later this summer. So like previous year, it is expected to release in August (or in September) with the new Pixel 2 coming after it.

Features of Android O (8.0):

Following is a list of features that are confirm to be in Android 8.0, and some of them have been built in the beta version.

Improved Speed and Boot Time:

The Google has always been introducing the new version which were faster than their previous versions. Similarly it is expected that the Android O will run the apps with greater speed. And the boot up speed (starting time of mobile phone) is also said to be increased up to twice than now. Although the boot up time depends much on hardware but Android O, with its smart features, will decrease the booting time.

PiP (Picture in Picture) Mode:

Picture in Picture is a multi-tasking feature which will allow user to have multi-windowing mode on their mobile phones. This type of feature is already present in Android TV. It will allow one application to remain lay on top of other application.

Contextual Press-to-Hold Options:

Android O will be able recognize phone number, email address, address etc. and will open corresponding app when tapped on for better user experience.

Background Apps & Battery Life:

The new version of Android will be smart enough to analyze the background apps and automatically restrict what an app can do when it is running in the background. This will speed up the apps that will be being used by the user and will also decrease the battery consumption. It results in both better performance and better battery life.

Animated App Icons:

Google is now introducing a new style of application icons in Android O. This design will include animations on app icons on user interaction. This will greatly improve the graphics and visual of Android.


As in Google Chrome and other browsers, the form is auto-filled to help the user. The Android O users will also enjoy this feature to Autofill content into forms. There will also be an option to Autofill through some particular app.

Improvement in Audio:

Android O introduces latest Bluetooth audio codecs which will allow a better connection and streaming quality to wireless audio devices will be improved.

Some of these features are available for public in Beta Android O version.

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