Will ChatGPT Replace Content Writers? (A Detailed Analysis)

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Ever since the advent of ChatGPT, the world has been revolutionized into a new era, the era of artificial intelligence!

With new possibilities and an exciting future, it has also brought some major concerns as well. And one of them is for all blog writers, book authors, copywriters, academic writers, and so on.
The entire community of writers around the globe is being threatened by this new behemoth of OpenAI, called ChatGPT. And only one question is circulating over the social media groups/pages of content writers;

Will ChatGPT replace human writers?

Even the renowned personalities in the field are in shock by witnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT. A very famous British Journalist and Author, Sean Thomas stated in his recent article for The Spectator.

We, the writers. We’re screwed. Writing is over. That’s it. It’s time to pack away your quill, your biro, and your shiny iPad: the computers will soon be here to do it better.”

So how true is his statement? Is ChatGPT really going to take over the entire market of content writers? If that’s the case, then how long will it take to completely hijack the whole text creation market? And most importantly, what can WE, the writers, do in this situation to survive this drastic wave of artificial intelligence?

Let’s find out!

Content Writers Vs ChatGPT

Before we delve into the discussion of content writers Vs ChatGPT, let’s first understand what content writers actually do.

Do they just wake up, think of a topic, read about it a little bit, and then start writing? Well, not exactly. The job of content writers is much more than that, and it’s a lot harder than most people think.

Extensive research for providing informative content – crafting outlines for delivering engaging content – writing in accordance with the company’s vision, values, and targeted audience – editing & proofreading to ensure accuracy, clarity, and coherence – constructing content according to the best practices of Search Engine Optimization –and keep updating it to ensure that content is relevant and current.

That’s a lot, right?

Now here comes the million-dollar question, can ChatGPT (at its current state) perform all these tasks with just a few basic inputs like; “hey, write me 1000 words of an article on digital marketing”.

Do you really think it would be able to write creative, SEO-optimized, outcome-driven, audience-focused, informative, engaging, and insightful content that would represent your brand and agenda? 

The answer is simply NO.

And let’s say it does provide good relatable content upon request, how would you analyze and gauge the content’s quality and credibility without having an expert on your side?

Even if you want ChatGPT to do all the labor work of writing words, you still need an expert content writer (s) to create, manage, and execute your business’s content marketing strategy. Without having pros on your team, creating valuable and compelling content, even with the help of ChatGPT, is not an appropriate course of action.

And there is also the matter of creativity, in which humans will always excel. Bots, like ChatGPT, can certainly learn and produce content, but they will always rely on human-generated content as the source of their learning and creativity.

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So the outcome of this contest is certainly in the favor of human writers. But for how long?

And has the arrival of ChatGPT had no impact on the text creation market at all? If it has, what is all the fuss about? Let’s understand it in a more profound way.

The impact of ChatGPT on the Content Creation Market

The text creation market, like any other market, works in teams and an outsourcing system.

The number of employees in a content writing agency depends upon the number of clients and workload the agency has. The more clients they get, the more capable content writers would they need to fulfill the requirement. Just like a successful freelance writer would outsource some of the workload to other content writers in the field.

But now the arrival of many useful Ai tools, including ChatGPT, has made the whole content creation process so much easy and time-saving. So it’s obvious that companies would hire less number of employees and a capable freelance writer would be able to handle more workload all by himself/herself.

Hence the outcome would be high competition in the market and only the most skilled ones would survive and thrive, while the rest would definitely lose their job.

Just like automation advancement had led industry laborers and data-entry clerks to lose their jobs in the past few decades. Manufacturing automation took over the mass production process and digital systems replaced many data entry clerks.

It’s not like they were completely replaced, I mean you still need workers to operate machines and high-skilled computer operators to execute the whole process of data entry. But now, the number of employees in those fields has been significantly reduced, which lead to high competition and raised the bar of job criteria.

That’s why we saw a huge surge in the unemployment rate across the globe during the past few years.

A line chart showing Global unemployment rate from 2002 to 2021
Global Unemployment Rate has increased since 2019

In the old days, you could get a decent-paying job with even just a high-school degree. But nowadays, it seems that even graduating with a high GPA is not enough.

Well, now you know why.

What’s The Solution?

You may think that the solution for this marvelous technological revolution would be very complex or tricky, but in reality, it’s pretty simple. In fact, Charles Darwin’s statement narrates it perfectly.

Quote by Charles Darwin - It Is Not The Strongest of the Species That Survive
What Charles Darwin said about Survival?

That’s right folks! Instead of opposing or being intimidated by the AI revolution, it’s necessary to embrace and adapt to it. You have got to change your mindset towards this whole paradigm shift. Otherwise, the outcome would be severe and devastating. Those who don’t adapt to change become obsolete.

Think of Nokia, Yahoo, Xerox, Blockbuster, and many other renowned brands that used to be listed in the Fortune 500, but have now become a thing of the past. If those giant corporations could not withstand the heat of technological evolution, what makes you think that you, a mere writer, can?

So, the only viable route to take is to adapt to the change. Instead of worrying about job losses, focus on the opportunities being created and how you can take advantage of them. Because if YOU don’t, someone will, and they will leave you in the dust of victory.

Skills to Learn in 2023

What did smart people do when manufacturing automation took their labor job, did they quit working? What did bright clerks do when digitalization took their job, did they stop working?

No! They upgraded their skills and learned new ones to keep up with the world and win over the competition.

If nobody is buying your alarm clocks, then start selling the damn smartphones. If nobody is interested in buying a newspaper from you, then start your own news blog. You know what they say;

if it ain’t working, change your strategy, but don’t you dare stop working.

Now the question to all writers is, are you smart enough to upgrade your game?

Upgrading your game does not just mean that you have to be a good writer, but you also need to learn new digital skills. Here is the ultimate list of the top 8 high-demanding skills in today’s digital world.

  1. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning
  2. Web/Software Development
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Digital Marketing
  5. Blockchain Development
  6. UI/UX Designer
  7. Project Management
  8. Metaverse Development

What Should I Do?

As a content writer, you might be wondering, ‘what should I do? Do I have to be a programmer or a data analyst now? Is it a good choice to switch professions?’

The answer to all these questions is a subjective matter. Here I am going to divide content writers into three categories, based on their experience level, to explain the answer in a more insightful way.

Expert Content Writers

  • Experience: more than 5 years.
  • Have a fantastic portfolio website.
  • Published articles on premium blogging websites like TechCrunch, Wired, Forbes, The New Yorker, etc.
  • Earned more than 10K on Upwork, Fiverr, or any other work marketplace.
  • Technical proficiency in all renowned content writing tools.

If you fall into this category of content writers, then rest easy and have no fear. Because it’s you guys who are most probably going to win the competition that lies ahead of us. All you guys would have to do is to keep improving your craft, with the help of Ai, and sustain your high-paying clients with satisfactory results.

Intermediate Content Writers

  • Experience range: 2 to 5 years.
  • Have a portfolio on medium, blogger, or other online publishing platforms.
  • Have published articles on reputable blogging websites.
  • Earned more than 3K on Upwork, Fiverr, or any other work marketplace.
  • Know-how of all the major content writing tools.

It’s a good thing to constantly improve your content writing skills which includes mastering some field-relevant tools, SEO, research, proofreading, etc. But do you think it would be enough to compete against the pros?

The answer is NO.

For those who fall into this category, I would suggest you learn some new relevant skills that could complement content writing.

For example, you can add graphic designing, WordPress web development, social media marketing, and many other digital marketing skills into your skillset. Instead of just being a small part of digital marketing, why not start selling the whole thing all by yourself?

I am not saying to burn yourself in managing the whole process of digital marketing for a large corporation, which would be suicide. But you can certainly pull it off by being a digital marketer for small or medium-sized enterprises. And they would also love to hire a multi-talented candidate, for all of their digital needs, instead of recruiting a team.

In today’s world, being multi-talented is not just an advantage, it’s a necessity.

Beginners Content Writers

  • Experience: less than 2 years.
  • Have a portfolio in PDF format.
  • Few articles published on Medium.
  • Don’t have any published articles on reputable blogging websites.
  • Earned less than 3K on Upwork, Fiverr, or any other work marketplace.
  • Basic understanding of some of the content writing tools.

Finally, for those who fall into this category of content writers, I have some unfortunate news for you guys. The writers who are going to suffer the most due to this huge upcoming wave of artificial intelligence are the beginners.

I am not saying to quit your content writing job immediately, keep working as long as you are getting work. But don’t rely on it for a longer period. Because the more intense the competition becomes, the more difficult it will be for you to land clients.

What I would recommend to you people is to start learning new in-demand skills like web/software development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain technology, etc. And the moment you feel like you can make a living on those skills, switch and leave the content writing for good.   

How Much Time Do We Have?

Content writers understand the importance of continually improving their skills and being adaptable to new ones in the event of a career transition. But merely possessing knowledge of what or how to accomplish a certain task does not ensure its success. Every goal requires a plan, and the most integral part of any plan is TIME, especially when you are in a competitive market.

This brings us to an important question in the ongoing quest;

How much time do we have before ChatGPT takes all of the content writers’ jobs?

It is no secret that the Ai evolution is on the rise, and the global market of artificial intelligence is increasing at an unprecedented rate. According to Precedence Research, the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of the global Ai market is registered to be around 38 percent from 2022 to 2030.

A graphical Chart Representing the Market Size of AI from 2021 to 2030
Artificial Intelligence Market Size is increasing

This figure also supports the two-year study by Mckinsey which indicates that by 2030, roughly 30 percent of the world’s current workforce will most probably get replaced by artificial intelligence.

By analyzing all these stats, we can predict that by 2030, the content writing market would shrink into a highly specialized and competitive industry.

So, there you have it folks, roughly 5 to 7 years. That’s how much time you have to either hone your content writing skills or adapt new ones, depending on which category of content writers you fall into.


It would be a false statement to make that ChatGPT will impose no threat to many human writers and that it has no potential to condense the whole text creation market. Surely it does!

But that should not make us, content writers, afraid and intimidated by this marvelous Ai revolution. Rather than considering it to be our enemy, we should focus more on how to use ChatGPT to make the whole text creation process easier and less time-consuming. We must embrace and adopt this radical change in the tech world and should avail the advantages of being the first movers.  

Although many beginners and some intermediate-level content writers may lose their jobs, it’s not happening at this very moment. We have roughly 5 to 7 years to hone our skills as content writers or to adopt new ones such as programming, machine learning, and data analysis to stay relevant and valuable in the tech industry. Like Michael Aldrich once said,

The only way to stay ahead is to embrace the future and adapt to it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is an innovative chatbot developed by OpenAI that uses artificial intelligence to engage in conversational dialogue. This powerful AI tool was created in 2015 by tech entrepreneurs Elon Musk and Sam Altman, and is an example of generative AI that can produce human-like text or images from written prompts. The name ‘ChatGPT’ stands for ‘Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer’, highlighting the model’s ability to process language and generate responses that appear remarkably human-like.

Can ChatGPT write essays? 

ChatGPT is a powerful language model that can generate text similar to an essay. However, it lacks the ability to comprehend the topic and the purpose of the essay, potentially leading to poor-quality output. Instead, ChatGPT can be used to improve the essay writing process by generating ideas, creating an outline, finding sources, and co-editing the essay.

Does ChatGPT has an app?

Yes, ChatGPT does offer official mobile apps for both iPhone and Android devices. These apps provide users with access to OpenAI’s latest advancements, syncing conversation history across devices, supporting voice input, and delivering the newest model improvements directly to users’ fingertips.

Why the internal server error is occurring in ChatGPT?

A ‘ChatGPT Internal Server Error’ can occur when there is a technical problem with the server hosting the ChatGPT model, preventing it from functioning correctly. The error message may contain additional information or instructions to resolve the issue, and the cause can vary depending on the circumstances.

What Causes ChatGPT Network Error?

A network error on ChatGPT can be caused by lengthy responses, backend issues, poor internet connectivity, IP address blockage, heavy traffic, etc. Fixes include checking the internet connection and trying different browsers.

That model is currently overloaded with other requests. How to fix it?

When too many users try to access the ChatGPT model simultaneously, the system may become overloaded, resulting in the error message “That model is currently overloaded with other requests.” To fix this, you can retry your request, check the OpenAI Status Page, contact OpenAI Support Team, or reduce the number of requests.

Does Microsoft own ChatGPT?

Microsoft partnered with OpenAI in 2019 with a $1 billion investment and extended the partnership recently. They did not confirm the actual financial figure but rumors suggest it is around $10 billion. Microsoft Azure remains the exclusive cloud provider for ChatGPT.

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