5 Best AI Tools for Job Seekers

5 Best AI Tools for Job Seekers – UnbornTech

Did you know that on average, an unemployed person spends from around 2 hours to 6 hours applying for jobs? This is about to change with the revolution of AI.

In today’s competitive job market, the growing buzz around artificial intelligence isn’t just about the jobs it could replace but also about the opportunities it offers to job seekers.

As technology continues to evolve, new AI tools are emerging to aid job seekers in their quest for the perfect position. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, harnessing the right AI job-search tools can significantly boost your chances of landing your ideal role.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top 5 AI tools for job seekers that can streamline your job search and application process for 2023.

Top 5 AI Tools for Job Seekers

Here are the top 5 AI tools for job hunting that are reshaping the job search landscape and making the process more efficient than ever.

1 – LoopCV

LoopCV, an innovative AI-driven job search tool, was born out of a shared vision to transform the job search landscape.

Launched in 2019, LoopCV focuses on liberating job seekers from the time-consuming burdens of traditional applications. With a commitment to remote work and a passion for making job searching enjoyable, LoopCV sets itself apart in the mission to automate and streamline the job application process.


  • AI-Powered Automation: LoopCV leverages AI to simplify job applications and outreach, sparing users from repetitive tasks.
  • Effortless Application: With one-click apply, users can quickly access vital job details and rate job matches.
  • Organized Pipeline: LoopCV’s Kanban board CRM (Customer Relationship Management) visually manages applications across customizable columns.
  • Dynamic Emails: Pre-made templates and personalized email capabilities boost engagement tracking.
  • CV Enhancement: Data-driven insightful assist in optimizing CVs for improved ratings.
  • Company Segregation: Users have the freedom to exclude unwanted companies, enhancing precision in job applications.


LoopCV offers 2 pricing plans along with free basic sign-up.

Pricing Chart of LoopCV
Pricing Chart of LoopCV

2 – LazyApply

LazyApply, a powerful AI-driven job search tool, redefines efficiency by automating job applications on platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, and ZipRecruiter.

Job seekers can reclaim their time, as LazyApply eliminates manual application processes, simplifying the hunt for ideal job opportunities.


  • Customization: Tailor job searches with preferences like job title and location.
  • Resume Parser: Extracts resume data to auto-fill application forms.
  • AI Analysis: Generates personalized cover letters using AI insights.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easily input data and create tailored cover letters.
  • Spell & Grammar Check: Ensures professional cover letter quality.
  • Template Variety: Offers diverse templates for different industries.
  • LinkedIn and Indeed Integration: Streamlines the job search across platforms.


LazyApply offers 3 pricing plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Pricing Chart of LazyApply
Pricing Chart of LazyApply

3 – Sonara

Sonara, an AI-powered job search automation platform, revolutionizes job hunting by simplifying the process for seekers.

By automating job discovery and application submissions, Sonara saves time and effort. It combines AI technology with human expertise to represent job seekers effectively.

The platform streamlines job search by matching openings with individual preferences, empowering users to take control of their search. Sonara’s mission is to uncover hidden job opportunities, enhance efficiency, and increase the probability of securing interviews and landing dream jobs.


  • Intelligent Job Matching: It analyzes skills, qualifications, and preferences for tailored job suggestions.
  • Application Management: Track application status, receive notifications, and organize applications.
  • Resume Optimization: Enhance your resume based on industry best practices and job requirements.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Receive job suggestions matching your profile and aspirations.
  • Progress Tracking: Gain insights and metrics on your job search progress.
  • AI Job Search Assistant: Provides guidance, tips, and recommendations.


Sonara offers 3 pricing plans with a FREE trial for 3 days, including limited resources.

Pricing Chart of Sonara
Pricing Chart of Sonara

4 – Huntr

Huntr serves as a comprehensive job opportunity management system, akin to a CRM for your job search.

It efficiently tracks and centralizes all job-related details, including tasks, notes, contacts, documents, salaries, locations, job descriptions, and company data. By offering seamless organization and easy access, Huntr simplifies the job search process.


  • Kanban Board: Visualize job search progress in one view, tracking interviews, applications, and offers.
  • Task Management: Organize tasks from resume polishing to interview preparation.
  • Web Job Collection: Save jobs from various sites, from large job boards to startup career pages.
  • Contact Management: Keep essential contact information during your search.
  • Sharing Board: Share your job search board with family, career advisors, or friends.
  • Analytics: Monitor job search progress with insightful metrics.
  • Advanced Filters: Utilize filters for roles, company size, cities, industry, and keywords.
  • Personalized Feeds: Save searches as feeds with customizable filters.
  • Employer and Job Tags: Use tags to find positions tailored to your preferences.
  • Map View: Locate jobs based on proximity and use map visualization.
  • Search Operators: Use keywords and Boolean operators for efficient search.


Huntr offers only one pricing plan along with FREE sign-up, comprising limited resources.

Pricing Chart of Huntr
Pricing Chart of Huntr

5 – Careerflow

Careerflow is a dynamic free job search tool that acts as a personalized CRM, offering essential features to expedite the job-seeking process.

It includes automated job tracking, a job application tracker, skill insights, and AI-generated cover letters.

In addition, Careerflow provides tools to enhance LinkedIn profiles, a database of actively hiring companies, resume templates, and a supportive community for job seekers. The platform continues to expand its resources to empower job seekers in their quest for faster employment.


  • LinkedIn Review: Boost profile views 2.5 times with a self-guided tool.
  • Job Tracker: Consolidate job search, notes, applications, and contacts in one place.
  • ‘Who’s Hiring’ Search: Discover actively hiring companies.
  • AI Resume Review: Expert-backed resume optimization for top jobs.
  • Resources: Actively Hiring Database, Resume Template, and a Community of thousands of job seekers.
  • Automated Job Tracking: Manage job opportunities and applications in one dashboard.


Careerflow offers just one premium pricing plan with a FREE basic plan sign-up.

Pricing Chart of Careerflow,
Pricing Chart of Careerflow


In a world where AI impacts employment, these AI tools are a silver lining, transforming job hunting. They offer efficiency, personalized support, and streamlined applications, ultimately changing how we approach job searches. These tools benefit job seekers by saving time, enhancing profiles, and connecting them with opportunities like never before.

Feel free to share your favorite job-hunting tool in the comment section below!


What is an AI job search tool, and how does it work?

AI job search tools use artificial intelligence algorithms to automate various aspects of the job search process. They can help with tasks like customizing resumes, finding job listings, and tracking applications, ultimately saving job seekers time and effort.

Can AI tools replace human networking and job searching efforts entirely?

While AI tools are valuable, they should complement, not replace, human efforts. Networking, personal connections, and tailored job searches are still essential for a successful job hunt. AI tools enhance and streamline the process.

What are the top AI tools for job seekers?

The top AI tools for job seekers include:

  1. LoopCV
  2. LazyApply
  3. Sonara
  4. Huntr
  5. Careerflow

How do I use ChatGPT to apply for jobs?

ChatGPT is a text-based AI model, and while it can generate content and provide information related to job seeking, it doesn’t directly apply for jobs on your behalf. However, you can utilize ChatGPT to;

  • Review your resume for improvements.
  • Create a customized cover letter.
  • Seek advice and guidance on job-related topics.
  • Practice interview responses.
  • Get job search and networking tips.
  • Explore job market insights.
  • Plan professional development.

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